Camp Lo - Luchini

Introducing phantom of the dark, walk through my heaven With levitation from reefers, drenching divas in E7 Showboating with Rugers, flash vines, Belafonte vigor Let's skate for what this worth as we confiscate your figures.

This is it, what. Luchini pouring from the sky...

Casanova Brown levitating jiggy in dashikis A la hotta car, fifty-four, chasing diamond runners Headed ice bound, the big chilla diamond convention Harlem Buck Strut, freezing world heist, Hollywood Madame Butterfly, let me in your house of pleasure From the knuckle swat, shadowboxers catching black-eyed blues.

I play the thief, what Sensations at the Mardi Gras be screaming Chee-ba Fulfilling pleasures in my castles, blow the smoke out The Garcia Vega substitutes when the Dutch is gone The Lo don't stop, give me shouts It's the seasoned sautéers, soufflérs for swerving on corners We magnets to moolah, living with Charlie's Angels on this No smiling we're sliding, that gets you caught up in the octa Or deaded for moving, it's just like that as we proceed.

Let's get rich, what. The jiggy vines and sugar dimes...

Saturday night special better take it light, you Jah Jah You're a Capitan, quest to the coast of Key Largo Wire the chain gang, keep your ears out for Roy Ayers Sip the Fontainebleau, house of bamboo paradise.

Fallen pharaohs courtesy of Black Caesar, the convincer Silky days, satin nights, taking flight, Donald Goines Sweet sensation Spanish flying with the lady Scarface Bottoms up sunshine, Love Potion No. 9.

And we hailing from the Magic City Transcending Sued-a on your aura Found 'chini in London, relaxation in Bora Bora Got notion to bring it, sing it, never been my function Stoning, robbing, we heisting merchandise and gunning Love it, leave it, but bless the war chief for his bison Get it, got it, the Lo will forever be nice and.

Can't quit, what, Now pop the cork and steam the Vega and get lit What, what, what.

Yeah, the Sonny Cheeba he be sipping Armaretta The Geechie Grace, yes he be sipping Armaretta We float the tri-state draped in the satin vines This Coolie Hijack packed from the sugar shack Then what we do after we sip the Armaretta We start the Harlem River Quiver, dig it sweet daddy Sharpen the crimson blade, High Sierra serenade Anatomy for seduction be this ebony junction.

As we exit the place with grace Drizzy Armaretta, the bursting of clouds, it pours Everything seems better on flats, with love we move Only in the mist, it's Lo, it's life and we can't get enough of this.

Quote by Camp Lo from Luchini (This is it)