Smif-n-Wessun Bucktown

I walk around town with the pound strapped down to my side No fronting just in case I gotta smoke something Round here heads don't act their age You might be another dead bwoy pon rage Enter the cipher with your lighter L's are ready, prepare for another all nighter But keep a watch for the cops cos they rock Glocks Coming on the block trying to rock knots Pigs be acting like they bigger than us niggas from the streets Cos we stalk mad deep and dem walk beats I guess dem hold a grudge cos I won't budge Playing tough, staring down the judge with my hands cuffed Standing there with my nappy hair and my dirty gear Awww yeah now I'm up outta here Pigs look me up and down with a frown Is it cos I'm brown or is it because I'm from Bucktown?

Got five MC that wanna contest we Got your nooses ready hanging over the trees Bring on your sounds and get drowned by my massive Kill you batty boy and hold your lover for hostage Knock knock niggy-knock that's four shots empty On a violator that was sent out to get me I'm tore up from the floor up and everything's black But still I'm on point ready to buck, ain't nothing sweet, jack Bucktown, I represent it on the love love Deeply rooted from my Timbs to my dick above Don't sweat the bulge coming from my hip Grip what you get hit when I let my tool click Nowhere to run, ambush lurks in the dark Heltah Skeltah smirks while you're getting torn apart Here come the rude bwoys with the ganja plants Smif-N-Wessun generals of the Boot Camp

Another murderer, just another prankster Rude bwoy dead cause him thought him was a gangster Tried to live the life of a hood from the streets Test the wrong dread, now the man returns to sleep Mr Ripper I lurk in the Stuy Twist up the ganja when I want to get high With my bredren, a buddah session, learn your lesson Or get blasted by Mr Smif or Mr Wessun

Bucktown's everywhere I swear It's clear to me, you feel the weed, now I really see Nightfall round the way Original heads come out to play Puff herb, break day It's just a regular, everyday state of being I Mind holds the weight, rhymes free the mind in time I find reality follows me where I roam 360 degrees back home in...

Quote by Smif-n-Wessun from Bucktown on the album Dah Shinin'