please mr.president, tell us somethingwe knew from the beginningthat your ass was bluffing Whereare theweaponsof massdesructionwe’ve been looking for monthsand we ain’t foundnuthin!

How unfortunate, it wasn't what you thought it kid, in basic training, They taught you how to slay man as a start-up kit and you showed up with a gun to load up, Hopin' a college education's waitin', maybe a steady occupation. Now you're weighing many lives against yours, President orders, got you on course, with holocaust, Sargent is lost. General's boss, plans cross, now you in the crosshair, of a sniper's shaky scared, shot of your ear. All fucked up now! one round just hit him in his from some young yet expendable citizen, He's from the other side of the line, fightin' for time. Time to see his kids walk, time to talk with his pops, Time to have a rational thought without the thought of bein' shot. (Damn) his gun jammed now you gotta bombart, It's a soldier's suicide slide - know you tried hard to stay alive. When you're catching fire from both sides, and we miss you at home, its time the government truly left you alone. Dropped you off and popped one in your dome, Now we've seen it in Iraq and the Congo - America's motto, Kill their leader then we build a strong­hold!!

I never thought of this the day that I enlisted, That I'd be dodging bullets, seekin weapons that never even existed. For someone else's personal beef, I risk myself, While the Commander-in-Chief, would never come to fight himself. I feel I'm bein' tricked even worse that the civilians, Nobody ever told me that we would be killin' children!! Feelin like the ones that sent me here are the psychotics, but if I say that out loud -- I'm "unpatriotic". but would Donald Rumsfeld back me up with the chrome? Would Tom Ridge fight or would he stay secure back home? and would Condoleeza Rice cover grenades in a fox hole? I'm startin to believe what I was told is not so. What's the reason for the war? I'm shootin at these people that I got not animosity for, I wonder if I'm just a pawn in someone else's struggle. or a here even though I'm just a small piece of the puzzle. I know that when I finally return where I reside, I'll make up for the months my wife and moms cried. and carry on for all my fallen brothers that died, but you can't take my pride, cuz I'm a fuckin' SOLDIER

Quote by The Perceptionists from Memorial Day on the album Black Dialogue